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Take care of yourself! It benefits everyone.

2023 Advent Calendar: Week 4
Coaches' Video
As the workouts are currently on break until January 7th, here is a video from your coaches,
challenging you to include these exercises in your workout routines.

Tag us, or send us a video or a picture of you doing the exercise, and you can win
a beautiful pair of earrings by Happy Things.

Tanja: Shuffle Box

Séverine: Walking Lunges

Viviana: Caterpillar plank + Clap

Elodie: Jumping Squats

Julie: X-Plank

happythings logo.jpeg


Join us on 

Saturday May 13th

at 9:30 am in Belair! 

Around 200 workouts ago we started the adventure of ShapeUp:
improving women's lives by working out side by side, outdoors and getting in shape together. 
Lots of laughters, working out in sunshine and rain: nice friendships were created, and everyone can do better pushups now ;) 

This needs to be celebrated:
The coaches Julie, Séverine and Elodie have put together a funny workout,
which will be followed by some snacks and drinks afterwards.

fb banner 1year.jpg

We have partnered up with amazing Luxembourg-based businesses to spoil you with gifts:
You will have the possibility to win fantastic prizes




As we are growing we are looking for a coach to join the team!⁠

Are you fit, energetic and positive?⁠

Do you have a background in physiotherapy or fitness?⁠

Would you like to inspire women and help them get in shape? ⁠

Then get in touch with us either via ⁠

(this is not a full time job but a freelance job for a few hours per week only)

Express Summer Workout

Here's our short 8min Express Holiday Workout, for all levels!

Are you on holidays but still want to workout?

Follow Julie (in turquoise) for the high intensity, or Mélanie (in purple) for the low intensity (suitable for Pregnant & Postnatal).

Here are the exercises, C for Cardio, S for Strength:

C: Burpees or Touch Ground +Stretch

S: Plank +Touch Shoulder

C: High Knees

S: Triceps Dips

C: Jumping Jack or Step Out Jacks

S: Plank + Side Rotate

C: Shuffle + Box

S: X-Plank or Squat + diagonal crunch

C: Skater Jumps

S: Squat Jumps + Side Leg Raise

Choose the duration you would like, but we recommend 30 seconds for each exercise.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and tag us if you have done the workout in order to motivate each other to stay active!

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